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Essentially, private lending allows you to take control of your investments and  further grow and compound your wealth, rather than settling for the paltry returns provided by most bank products or the volatility of the stock market.

A private loan is basically a loan made to a real estate investor that is backed by real estate.

When you make a private loan, you are given a first position mortgage lien that secures your legal interest in the property; thus securing your investment.  As a private investor with us, you are ALWAYS the only lien holder.

The loan to value ratios (LTV) on our investment projects average 65% of the value of the property securing the loan and frequently are as low as 50%.  What this means for you the investor, is that your security interest is always significantly higher then the amount of your investment.

For example, if we purchases a property that is valued at $100,000, our Private Lender will only loan up to $60,000 dollars on the property.  Thatís a 60% loan-to-value ratio, giving the investor a tremendous amount of security.

A low LTV lending approach is much more conservative than the LTV standards  used  by conventional institutional lenders (the ones who are in trouble right now and all over the news) who routinely lend 90-95% LTV; often leaving no wiggle room should the borrower default on making the payments.   When you work with a large LTV cushion, youíre placed in a much more desirable position as the private lender.




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PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a security.  The information provided herein is not intended to be for the purpose of soliciting a security under state or federal regulations.  This information is intended to give the private investor an alternative to other types of non guaranteed investments such as stock market investments, but is not intended to be the solicitation of a security under SEC rules and definitions.  This is intended to be a private borrowing transaction.

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